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This group is for helping others re-discover thier once found self-esteem... I know I did...but the road was not an easy one, but with the help of EmpowHer..I found myself again! Beginning in 2008 Christy found EmpowHer while searching for answers for her declining health, by becoming her own health advocate and being proactive. She is now an active advocate for EmpowHER and inspires women to advoate for their own health. Little background on Christina. She was raised as one out of 13 adopted children, from all different Nationalities. Because of her “colorful, diverse, mosaic” upbringing, it gave her the life experiences on how to interact, better understand the challenges of and how to collaborate with our wonderful “melting pot” of beautiful cultures from ALL walks of life. Even though she does not profess to be an “expert” on human relations, she has the necessary “life experiences” to know and appreciate it. As a Counselor/Mentor for the Youth and a strong Advocate for Women’s Health, Christina has been able to share her own experiences to educate and motivate others, in order to bring out the BEST in themselves. As stated previously, Christina was adopted, but was blessed to be adopted into a wonderful, loving family. However, she did spend the early part of her childhood life in the “Foster Care System”. Christina has had to overcome displacement and several health issues. Those trials has given her a strong appreciation for loving/enjoying life, educating oneself on health and wellness and gaining inner strength to OVERCOME ANYTHING that comes ones way. Through her love and passion for sharing her own “I Am” story, showing the “inner beauty” of oneself, has enabled Christina to show that beauty is truly “from the inside out”. You have to peel back the layers to truly appreciate what you see FIRST on the outside. “Develop a negative into a positive picture.”There will always be enough strength within oneself to face any and every adversity, SO you can walk through the Storms, and learn from them in order to OVERCOME them! www.christinacyphers.com




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