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Addict Psychology: Does Gender Make a Difference?

By November 21, 2017 - 10:05am

Contrary to the belief that men and women are created equally, scientific studies have proven the statement false. The actions and reactions of each gender vary greatly, and of course, this includes how each group is affected by drug and alcohol abuse.

Drug Abuse and the Male
Although it might seem surprising, men are much more likely to become addicted to drugs and alcohol compared to their female counterparts. This is due, in part, to public acceptance of men as 'social drinkers' and the prevalent use of nicotine products. In addition, males seem to have a higher tolerance than females. For instance, a small amount of controlled substance might have a drastic effect on a woman, while the same amount has little to no effect on a man. This also means that males are not as easily addicted to drugs and alcohol, and the manifestation of an addiction is a much longer process when compared to women.

The most common reasons that men turn to drug use include:
- For the thrill of the risk
- To have better sex
- To work harder, for longer periods of time (Futures of Palm Beach, 2017).

In addition, men are more likely to admit they have a problem and find the help they need through counseling and rehabilitation.

Drug Abuse and the Female
According to the Anxiety Disorders Association of America, a woman is twice as likely to develop psychological conditions such as depression or anxiety. Most often, women find themselves with an addiction after attempting to treat their own mental or social issues instead of seeking medical help.

Many other frequent causes of female drug abuse include:
- Physical abuse
- Sexual trauma
- To impress someone or peer influence

Women are also known to develop addictions more quickly than men, but less likely to acknowledge they have a problem. Often, many females may not seek treatment include the expense, societal pressures and maintaining social status, as well as familial obligations.

Bringing It All Together
Drug and alcohol abuse are serious, often devastating, addictions. Addicts not only bring chaos and destruction to their own lives but also the lives friends, family and almost everyone they encounter. If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction, please contact a local drug addiction counselor or recovery center today.

Los Angeles Sober Living
Anxiety Disorders Association of America

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