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Common online dating mistakes

By January 28, 2016 - 5:15am

The online world is a popular place to meet new people and even find love. Online dating is a modern phenomenon that has its pros and cons. People, who have found their beloved online, are deeply convinced that it is even a better place than real life. But those, who created accounts on dating websites and failed to connect with members they liked, will probably say that it is a waste of time.
What is the problem?
The problem is that most of those, who failed to connect with people online, made typical online dating mistakes.
1. Most of them do not take the time to read other members profiles which are a huge mistake. People usually put great efforts and time to write their profiles. They include the most important information so be nice to read it. You might save yourself a lot of time as the most important information is in profiles. If you love cats, you should not write to members who are allergic to cats. You might be out of someone age or location range.
2. Another typical mistake is using the best picture for the profile page. Some pictures are so photoshopped that sometimes it might be difficult to say that this is the same person. Profile pictures must be closer to how people look in everyday life. Posting the best picture is like setting yourself up for disappointment.
3. It is important to learn how to evaluate the general tone of a member's profile. By carefully reading someone profile you can tell a lot. It just requires time but most people, for some reason, fail to do that. Profiles can tell a lot not only about someone's interests and hobbies but also a lot about personality. There might be words-signs that indicate boastfulness or bitterness. People who use "completely" and "totally" too much might have problems with honesty, for example.
4. Getting obsessed with every detail makes people disappointed and sad. Even if you do not like coffee but a potential date loves, it does not matter that you should not try, especially if there are a lot of other things that you both like.
5. It is important to remember that online profile is not everything. No matter how long you have been chatting and how much you already know about each other, there is always more, and it lies in real life. Do not get attached to people based on their profiles. People learn much more about each other in real life based on eye contact, gestures, body language, and the Internet cannot substitute that.
6. Even if you have already met, do not rush to any conclusions. Sometimes people get so tired of searching and dating different people that they want to end up it by starting dating with another person. Do not attach to someone too soon. Even after a couple of dates, you still continue to get to know each other. Give your relationships some time to understand whether this is the person you want to be with.

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