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The most popular stereotypes of Russian women

By August 19, 2015 - 4:37am

People from different countries tend to have certain stereotypes in respect to other nationalities. Most people know perfectly well what the word “stereotype” means and know that most of the stereotypes are far from being truth, and still they get under the influence of the most widely spread stereotypes.

If you are thinking of dating a Russian woman, you need to be aware of the most popular stereotypes that exist among men from Western Europe and America:

1.Women from Russian and Ukraine are desperate to get married to anyone to leave their countries. Even though there are “species” like that, it is impossible to say that most women are like that. Most Slavic women are well-educated and would adjust to a different culture. They are open to opportunities and would consider moving to another country but only if they love their partner. If you have met a nice girl on a dating websites like rbrides.com or any other, do not think that she has instantly fall in love with you. You need to gain her attention and affection for a good reason.

2.Russian women drink a lot. The only true fact that relates to this stereotype is that vodka is really the most popular alcoholic drink in Russia. Probably it is the reason why some people believe that Russian women can drink it like water, which is quite the opposite.

3.Russian women are materialistic. Even though Russian women seem to be independent, most of them prefer family to career. They would prefer to have a caring husband who would take care of such kind of things, while she would take care of their home and children. The truth is that Russian women are, actually, good prospective brides that might turn to be good wives.

4.Russian women are very superstitious. If you dig deeper into the history of Russia, you will see that it used to be a pagan nation with plenty of pagan traditions and rituals. Of course, all these traditions have a thing of the past in a present society. Only very few have remained and do not cause serious troubles for modern people. However, it is not advised to give a woman a bouquet with even number of flowers as bouquets with even number of flowers are usually brought to funerals, not dates.

5.All Russian women are very beautiful. It is only partially a stereotype as most women are really naturally beautiful. Slavic women take good care of themselves and dress nicely. This is exactly what makes them even more attractive. Some European women do not have well-groomed appearance even being naturally beautiful. Moreover, the rate of obesity among Russian women is considerably low in comparison to America and some European countries.

6.Russian women are very sad and do not have a sense of humour. People have this impression not only in respect to women but in respect to all Russians. The reason is that it is not culturally established to smile everywhere and all the time. However, if you get to know Russian women better, you will see that they have great sense of humour and can be very good companions.

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