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By October 23, 2015 - 6:02am

thank you that those who answered this question. that's how the story goes like.. we are fooling around then I asked her to help me a hj and so she did. ( I know it's stupid but people make mistake ) so I cumed after a few minutes I helped her to finger and I not sure did her hand got sperm or I but if my hand was with some sperm will she get pregnant?! ( I don't think my hand is wat but I think it's sticky ) she was having her period she started to have period on 18 Oct and and stopped at 22Thu ( I helped her finger at the 20 Oct ) and I was so worrying that my hand got a bit of sperm.... after that tomorrow morning she still having her period.... can I know when will her next period will be on?. and will she get pregnant ( and when I helped her finger her pussy wasn't so wat or dry...) after helping her finger I called her to bath as well.( not so sure the water was cold or hot. but I did call her to went hot water..)

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