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By June 12, 2016 - 10:39pm

I just found this article and now I'm so scared. I have been bedridden for 6 years and sick my whole life. I read this article because I'm being treated like I don't matter or add anything important to my family's life. I can't do anything. I have a 7 and 10 year old boys. I never get to be with my family and always feel that he isn't in love with me anymore. They are the only world I have. I'd lose everything that I have left. I used Google to see if there was anything to say or do to make him still love me but now I know that he probably feels the same way as all of you. I guess my fear is real and my husband probably doesn't want me anymore and I most likely I'm repulsive to him and that he is so unhappy he probably wants a divorce. I understand all of you. Before it became so bad a was a nurse and it was hard being a caregiver for 12 hours a day. I know that was my job but I never saw one of there spouses leave their side and they were all chronically ill. I might as well end my life before he divorces me and I have nothing.

By July 19, 2016 - 6:47am

People here are letting of steam; sometimes one wants to complain because looking after a sick spouse is hard work. Because people complain it does not mean that they do not love their spouses. In my case the love has changed from romantic love to a more a fraternal type of love bur love is still very much there. Your young sons will need and love you. I can see that reading some of the letters may be upsetting but try not to be too worried about them. People are simply venting. It sounds as though you are depressed and do talk to a doctor about this. Even if you are bedridden you can still be interested in your sons' lives and they will appreciate that interest and look forward to telling you about all that they are doing.. Certainly don't think about ending your life, rather try and find somethings that you can do together with your family even if its something as simple as watching films on TV, or playing computer or card games Very best wishes .

July 19, 2016 - 6:47am

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