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I live with a hypochondriac

By April 20, 2021 - 5:51pm

My husband is chronically ill , there is NEVER a day that he doesn't complain that he is sick. One day it's a headache, stomach ache, foot, knee, thigh , chest, back etc. He comes up with wild diagnosis for everything he thinks is wrong with him...cancer and tumor was one of the latest that has been discounted. He is 60 lbs overweight and his cardiologist read him the riot act a month ago when he went in to have him sign off for back surgery. The cardiologist told him that if he didn't lose weight that he would schedule him for a gastric sleeve. He attempted to tell the physician that food , alcohol and a sedentary lifestyle had absolutely nothing to do with his issues. The physician laid out his future for him as becoming addicted to meds, a stroke and to have someone wipe his ass. However,he knows better than his physicians.He went directly to a Mexican food restaurant ordered an unhealthy entree and dessert.
He takes 10 different prescribed meds and he seems to relish every time a new one is added. He has abused over the counter meds and ended up in the hospital with a gi bleed while in another state.I had to fly there and drive him home due to Covid at the time.
His abuse of food , alcohol, and meds have taken him to the scene of the crime and it's utterly exhausting . Last night his new issue was that he was weary and his body hurt...he doesn't work and spends the majority of the time in bed, sofa or in the bath.
Everyday there is a new malady and must take to bed, but what really blows my mind is that he complains of a headache or whatever , but five minutes later wants to have sex.HOW SICK CAN HE BE???? Frankly, I'm exhausted by all his medical maladies.
He shared with me that as a child that he would pretend to be sick so he didn't have to attend school or do something that he didn't want to do...could this be related?

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