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Spouse recovering from 2nd stroke and his family is not helping

By October 28, 2013 - 10:05pm

My husband is recovering from 2nd stroke that left him in s wheelchair. He just recently started on insulin because of diabetes and has not told his family. He is 35 and I 36. I feel like I have been taking care of him since we married and all these health issues coming left and right. I am tired and so drained that I don't have time for me. We moved closer to his family so they could help us as they said but when I need them their always busy. My spouse is so in denial about everything going on and it posses me off to no end. Its frustrating when I would tell him over and over(ss if he were
a kid) you eat right and exercise because of bad family genes thaw he wouldn't listen and now look. I'm so fed up and wa
nt to leave and let his family take care of him but I feel guilty about thinking this way. But its hard when he trie
s nothing to better this situation but have me do everything. When is it time to just say enough is enough and let him go.

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