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Worried about my husband

By October 28, 2015 - 9:00am

Hi All, my name is Jess and I am worried about my husband and how he is coping with my health issues. I was diagnosed of kidney problems in 2001 but the doctors did not find what caused it. Through a biopsy, they saw that something toxic must have affected it and I recalled been treated for malaria on one of my trips to Africa. The medication I was given must av been too toxic for my kidney. Well in 2005 I went on dialysis and 2008 I had a kidney transplant from a deceased donor. All went well for years until I met my husband in 2013. I was very honest about my health issues with him but he still wanted to make me his wife. Just a couple of months after meeting him, my transplanted kidney started to fail. My husband and I wedded in October 2014. I am being told now that I need a new transplant which is very hard to find a donor and the whole issues makes it difficult for me to bear children. At the moment we don't know when I will have my transplant or when we will have kids. Because of where we are from (Africa) there is pressure on him as to why he went ahead with the marriage if he knew about my conditions. I know every day when I see him that he is not coping well. Everyday he sees me, I lose weight and it worries him. The pressure from society, family, friends, co workers and peer is too much on him. It breaks my heart every day to see him in such depressing conditions. I wish there was someone we could both talk to. We pray every day for total healing and I believe I have being kept alive for a purpose.

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