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Are you a working caregiver?

By February 17, 2011 - 7:27am

Many women are juggling work and caring for an elderly family member. How are you keeping a healthy balance between career, work and family obligations?

By November 5, 2011 - 6:36am

I don't know that I've figured out how to balance it yet.  But, I'm focusing on giving myself great grace.  I drop balls everywhere in my attempts to juggle everything on my plate.  It is not easy.  So, when I drop one, or two, or maybe all of them, I just don't beat myself up over it. 

My aging parents live in Louisiana.  I live in Ohio.  So, my care for them involved sending money, but also talking on the phone a lot and taking care of business for them long distance.  My father will likely not see another two years.  So, I'm anticipating moving my mom in with me in the next year or so.

Though, she may feel entirely different about that.  I've floated the idea to her and she said she would think about it.  But, we'll have to see when that time comes.

In the meantime, I do what I can for them, for myself and for my children (two of whom I raise alone).  Life is full of challenge.  I am learning, finally, at the age of 55, that it's not that we should seek to rid ourselves of the challenges to make our lives easier, but that we should seek to be thankful that we can meet those challenges with the best that we've got. 

When we fail to meet them at our best, the gift of grace and kindness toward ourselves becomes the best we've got.

I also give myself permission to sleep for long periods of time on the weekends. :)


November 5, 2011 - 6:36am
By March 4, 2011 - 9:17am

Aging with Grace offers personalized assistance for families providing care for an elderly loved...whether near or afar.
There are many free internet services that provide information on senior services, however most if not all are compensated by the provider that they refer to you. Thereby creating a situation where you would be referred to the provider that pays the highest fee.
In addition most people "don't know what they don't know"...the mission of Aging with Grace is to "educate, coordinate and facilitate eldercare options one family at a time."
Aging with Grace is the only elder/healthcare provider in the US with an accredited VA claim agent to assist families in applying for the VA Non-service Connected Disability Pension benefit that can help pay for or defray the cost of senior services; such as: home care, adult day care, assisted living or dementia care.
To learn how you to can Age with Grace please visit: www.agingwithgrace.net.

March 4, 2011 - 9:17am
By March 4, 2011 - 7:49am

I know how the peanut butter in a sandwich feels, squeezed! Yes, I work (from home, thankfully), take care of two children who are no longer infants (again, thankfully), and also take care of my 80-year-old widowed mother. She recently lost her driving privileges so I've needed to be on hand to drive her to the store, to church, or just go to her house to give her a little companionship. Between my new responsibilities and my dear old ones, I start to feel a little frayed, and I wind up taking my frustrations out on my family. So I'm beginning to let go a little bit by utilizing the internet. Peapod can deliver groceries when I can't find the time to get over to mom's. Caregiverlist.com has an online form whereby I can request services from quality Home Care Agencies in my area so I can get some much needed respite help.
I realized I needed to relinquish some of my control. If it takes a village to raise a child, we have to remember that it can also step in to help with our elderly loved ones.

March 4, 2011 - 7:49am

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Are you a woman between the ages of 45-65, working and caring for an aging family member? If so, than this is the group for you. The purpose of this group is to provide a forum for working caregivers who are seeking solutions to the growing issue of elder caregiver stress.


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