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Dementia/Alzheimer's and Being the caregiver

By December 25, 2010 - 5:11pm

Yesterday I posted: Dementia/Alzheimer's and Being the caregiver
I'd like very much to be part of this group and learn how I can be a better caregiving spouse, however, now he is in a home, so I'm not the main caregiver! I realize that so much of my problem is ME and not wanting to give up control over his care, etc. This morning I went there to have Christmas Breakfast with him (Hartmann) and the day has not meaning for him. I finally admitted to myself that it is not dementia it has progress to Alzheimer's, he has all the symptoms, now:
"The symptoms of Alzheimer's disease include: Mood changes: depression, paranoia, agitation, anxiety, selfishness, childish behavior Disorientation, confusion, inattention, loss of memory of recent events, inability to retain new information Problems performing familiar tasks Language difficulty, such as problems finding the right word or phrase"
I look forward to being part of this group!
Respectfully, Princeline Roxbury, Phx, AZ

By September 19, 2011 - 7:58am

thank u so much susan!!! lots of lil nuggets of info!! as far as our financial situation, well mom has medi/medi and is on fixed income.. i am not in a good financial situation, they took my SOCIAL SECURITY from me in sept. long story, but i am now appealing. i have lupus, firbromayagia, diabetes (under control), etc, etc...lol...at 50 im a mess...but could be worse right? but i will so find out what is out there for mom. as far as my siblings go. well i have two brothers who live in the same state, one is only like 40 mins away. the other is 6 hours. all my siblings always go thru me to see how mom is..they cannot handle talking to her on the phone..sad i know right? but yet they can vent when need be. uggh!! just reached out to them this morn via email, because they do not always respond to my calls or texts. they are busy. got one response from the brother six hours away and i figured as much...no support...he has issues. now my one sis i talk to almost everyday...lol..she is like talking to mom in regards to her emotions...lol...my brother who lives closer, well he does try to talk to mom every now and then...i think. there is more...but i have to go to an appt...thanks again...smooches!!

September 19, 2011 - 7:58am
By September 17, 2011 - 1:16am

hello susan & all of you. i am joining this group because i believe my mother has the beginning stages of dimentia/alzheimer's. some years ago my brothers & sisters thought maybe..but when we looked up the symptoms/criteria we said nahhh...but then last summer we noticed some major changes in her behavior and now she seems to have more of the symptoms. we do not live together but are like a mile and a half away. her diabetes is not kept under control all the time. she is also on like 3 diff anxiety/depression meds. one of which her doc is trying to wean her off of. she reverts back to the past alot, things that have maybe nothing to do with the conversation, she forgets things, where she puts them, or is driving and gets lost, but eventually finds her way back. argumentative, depressed regardless of the meds...more sensitive than normal, forgets where she puts things, thinks she has told us something and hasnt.,etc...now with this said, she did go to the doctors on friday and requested to get all this checked out. i ws suppose to go with her and i and am thankful she actually remembered to ask to be tested for the dimentia and things. i know it is getting to her. she is a beautiful 67 yr old woman who doesnt look her age attttt alll...and is always there for others, rather tries to overextend herself, puts others first. i love her with all my heart & told her the other day we need to work on living 2gether..she cannot be alone. she is worried bcause we are both so head strong. i am a very patient person who has her own health issues, & yes it can be trying at times, but she is my mom and whatever time is left i want to do the best and be with her. so any advice u can give me wld help. i used to care for a senior citizen woman who ws bedridden and in the early stages of alzheimers & know its hard.

September 17, 2011 - 1:16am
By August 25, 2011 - 7:53pm

I'm not sure what I even want here. I feel my only hope is for a breakthrough in research that will cure dementia. I have mild cognitive impairment. My mother has severe dementia. She lives at home with me. She is combative, and is into everything. I am going to ask about meds when when we go the doctor in late September. My fear of putting my mother in a home is that they can't let her eat all day like I do. She was almost starved to death by my brother. She is 5'5" and weighs 120 pounds. She doesn't have much to spare. I am afraid they would do what they could and she would eventually die. I also know the statistics are dreadful. Too many residents die within the first year. I have a great respect for life, however, many people think I shouldn't even consider what would happen to her and take care of myself. I have a problem with that.

August 25, 2011 - 7:53pm

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This support group is for all who need someone to listen to their frustrations, fears, and concerns when dealing with a spouse who has been diagnosed with a dementia. And for those of us who need someone to laugh with and cry with too. We all need to feel like someone out there can relate to our situation. We all need to share our highs and lows with someone who's been there and those who are still there trying to hang in there for our "best friend" our spouse.




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