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Just diagnosed with early stage Alzheimers.

By November 23, 2013 - 12:01pm

My neurologist put me on meds. I felt shocked, and just sat there as the doctor talked to my daughter-in-law.
This on top of my physical handicaps, nodules found in my lungs and the tremors which have taken away my ability to draw. Drawing was always my way of defusing my fears, emotions and my way of 'hiding' from my problems I was not ready to face at the time. It gave me time to think and defuse, if that makes sense.
I also learned 2 weeks weeks ago that I have an eye disease which will take the sight of my remaining eye. I lost one to cancer in '97. I am taking online classes, doing something I enjoy - wring poetry, my family history, using profiles in many instances. It become visually difficult at times, but the studies are helping me emotionally and mentally.
I know Alzheimers is progressive, but I have heard that keeping your mind active will help prolong the time before progression.
Does anyone know if this is true?
Are there other things that I should know that will help?
Thank you,

Group Leader

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This support group is for all who need someone to listen to their frustrations, fears, and concerns when dealing with a spouse who has been diagnosed with a dementia. And for those of us who need someone to laugh with and cry with too. We all need to feel like someone out there can relate to our situation. We all need to share our highs and lows with someone who's been there and those who are still there trying to hang in there for our "best friend" our spouse.




This Group is Open to all EmpowHER.com members