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Could I Be Pregnant?Please Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By April 18, 2013 - 12:03am

Me and my boyfriend had unprotected intercourse on April 6.This is when I was most fertile.A couple of days later I started feeling tired all the time.I didn't have any energy at all.On April 13 I started having headaches, started cramping,frequent urination,nausea,still had fatigue,and I felt dizzy whenever I would stand up.On April 15 my appetite has increased tremendously.Sometimes I have an appetite and other times I don't.I just have a full stomach feeling when I haven't ate anything.I don't have any breast tenderness at all.My periods are regular and it was supposed to start April 22 or April 25.On April 17 I started having pinkish bleeding.Its like a light period.Since I have been bleeding I have light cramps every now and then.I have also been having a tingling sensation in my cervix that comes and goes.Could I be pregnant?If I could be when should I test?

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If you have recently had unprotected sex (either by choice, birth control failure or some other reason) and are worried that you may be pregnant this is the group for you! Many women are scared, worried and anxious during the agonizing several weeks of waiting to find out if they are pregnant. Please join in the discussion to talk about your feelings, thoughts and fears with other women who are going through this same situation.


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