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possible pregnancy?missed period 5 weeks ago, neg. HPT test. any ideas?

By December 14, 2010 - 3:09pm

Hi, I am currently dealing with the stress of a possible pregnancy after no protection 5 weeks ago. About the day after I went and took the ECP at the drugstore which leads me to doubt I am pregnant however leading signs make me think otherwise.

This past week Dec. 11 I took one HPT and it was negative again, i should stop worrying, but I can't
the major things that have me questioning are:
- a missed period expected on Dec, 5 -8 as suggested by online calculator, which was spot on accurate for my November Period on Nov. 7 - 12 (the 12 being when i had unprotected sex) note that I have been completely stressed out about this since that day.
- weight gain not sure how much, I am a irresponsible student so I have eaten really poorly especially since it is exam time.
- slightly sensitive breasts just starting yesterday Dec. 13.
-cloudy urine since forever that i started checking.
- on and off food cravings since I started checking.

Note: just Dec; 1 I started on Apo - metronidazole for an infection "down there". It has cleared up. Perhaps that is why I missed my period??
please help me speculate some ideas!!! :) thanks and i will accept any responses as useful.N.

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