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Pregnant?.....I need your views please! pleeeeeaase Answer!

By May 2, 2012 - 7:20pm

The first day of my last period was on the 30th of March. it lasted till the 2nd of April (4 days as usual). On the 3rd, i had sex. we had used the pull out method (not effective i know).
Well, on the 14th, i started spotting. This brown spotting which was only visible when i wiped lasted till the 20th of April (6days).
My cycle is 29 or 30days, which means i should have started my period between the 28th-30th of April. Till date, i haven't.
I have taken 2 HPT (clearblue digital on the 29th and 30th) but all were negative.
I was having clear white vaginal discharge and my doctor tested for STDs. result was negative. He gave me pessary to treat yeast infection (he does not think i'm pregnant) but advised i come back on the 7th for a urine test if AF doesn't show up.
2days ago I had severe cramps/aches in both sides of my lower abdomen where i suppose my ovaries are. At a time the pain was in my mid lower abdomen and extended to my mon pubis region. 3days ago my breasts hurt for just 1minute. Yesterday afternoon my left lower abdomen was hurting and i felt twinges in it. As i write i feel pains only under my left rib cage.

I feel like i'll be having my period but nothing. The white discharge has stopped and this could be due to the canesten pessary i've been inserting.
Please what could all these be? i will be seeing my doctor on Monday but it seems so far away. Anyone has an idea of what i'm going through?

I've been under a whole lot of stress since last month (i don't know if that would help). I can say that April was my worst month in a long time


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