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strong possibility of pregnancy or no?

By November 30, 2011 - 3:39pm

Hi my last period started on october 26th. I had sex on the 5th of november, and the condom broke. I took the first pill of next choice as directed one hour later. I had sex again in between the 12 hour period before I took the second next choice pill. And the condom broke again. Both times were only for a few minutes and there was no ejaculation inside the vagina as he pulled out when the broken condom was realized.This was two hours before I took the second pill as the directions instructed. I had light bleeding about 6 days later, after I took the next choice, for about 4-5 days. My cycles have been about 35 days long the last two months. I was expecting my period sometime in between the 27th-29th of november, but it has not come. It is today, November 30th. I had taken Plan B one-step in august as well. Does my skipped period mean I could be pregnant or is it that having taken plan b a few months prior and next choice in october has caused my hormones to make my period irregular? Does next choice still provide protection for unprotected sex in between pills 1 and 2? And could the light bleeding (brown/dark blood discharge) six days after taking the pill be considered a period even though it would be about three weeks before my period should be due?

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If you have recently had unprotected sex (either by choice, birth control failure or some other reason) and are worried that you may be pregnant this is the group for you! Many women are scared, worried and anxious during the agonizing several weeks of waiting to find out if they are pregnant. Please join in the discussion to talk about your feelings, thoughts and fears with other women who are going through this same situation.


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