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2 year old with large Arachnoid Cyst on Cerebellum

By December 4, 2012 - 3:22pm

My 2 year old daughter has a large arachnoid cyst on her cerebellum..we found this thru an MRI when she was a little under a year old...She is not symptomatic, just having temper tantrums which I am hoping are just from terrible 2's and not the cyst...She goes for her 3rd MRI tomorrow to see if the cyst has changed in a year...We are in the ATlanta area and there are not many Dr's who understand the Arachnoid Cysts...We took her to Boston Children's last year and her Dr there follows her, but they all say watch and wait...I keep reading that it's better to address the cyst now while she's young before symptoms start? Also, some people recommended Dr. Leslie Sutton in Philly...They said he is the best and a top researcher for Arachnoid cyst? Has anyone heard of him? Is it worth getting another opinion from him or taking my daugther there? Any advice would be so greatly appreciated!!!

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