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Keto diet and/or water fasting for cyst reduction

By January 9, 2019 - 9:47am

My brother (63 yrs old) has an arachnoid cyst located in the middle of his brain. He had horrible migraine-like headaches, fatigue and pressure About 15 years ago he went on a water only fast. He lasted 33 days and had zero problems with the cyst for 14 years! Zero!
Now his symptoms and the cyst are back. He has tried to do the fast again, but with age it is much more difficult.
I have been reading about how the Ketogenic diet mimics how the body uses fuel in a water fast and how it works for seizures and cancerous tumors and am wondering if anyone has info on it helping reduce arachnoid cysts.
Thank you and good luck to everyone on this forum

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This group is for people with arachnoid cysts, and/or their caregivers, to gather and share information to support each other.


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