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Advantages of Asset Financing for Today's Business Owner

By October 14, 2014 - 12:13am

Asset financing or leasing provides a diversity of advantages, particularly in today’s economic situation. One of the leading causes that several business owners decide on this choice is to lessen their initial out-of-pocket expenses. Leasing could be the accurate pick for your business, as well.

AXIS Capital Group is a Direct Lender providing quality equipment leasing/financing services along with superior customer service, headquartered in Grand Island, Nebraska; AXIS has grown to become an industry leader serving equipment vendor nationwide (i.e. SE Asian countries such as KL Malaysia, Bangkok Thailand, Jakarta Indonesia and many more) presents these benefits of asset financing for today’s business owner.

The existing programs differ in their arrangement however in some circumstances no down payment is necessary. There are direct lenders that offer 100% asset finance and furthermore comprise “soft” costs like warranties, service, supplies and installation. Check out, research and review these programs.

Being capable to finance assets like equipment minus making a large down payment permits you to save more cash in the bank. You can utilize the cash to make extra acquisitions or consume it for operating expenses. In any circumstance, the notion of leasing can decrease your start-up costs or your costs of development.

If you finance assets via leasing program, you avoid issues and complaints that can result from outdated equipment. This is more pertinent nowadays than ever before.

Technological advancements are being made in rationally each kind of equipment. Even heavy construction equipment has altered considerably in the last five years. If you have an asset lease, you are able to give up your five year old equipment at the end of the term. If you had a outdated loan or purchased the equipment outright, the best you could do is take devaluation on your taxes and try to dispose of the equipment or it might be prone to scams if outdated.

Before, business owners could generally sell their obsolete equipment to earn at least a minor amount of their investment. Nowadays, it is more difficult to sell outdated equipment. There are regularly costs linked with equipment disposal. Because of environmental troubles, there are guidelines concerning the disposal of computer components, audio-visual aids and many other kinds of equipment. Varying on where you live, you may be needed to pay a disposal fee.

Picking the asset lease or asset finance preference could furthermore permit you to take advantage of new tax breaks for business owners. Many owners sense that leasing equipment abridges the entire accounting and taxation process since the leases are considered as easy business expenditures, just like rent and utilities.

In years past, it generally made sense to pay cash for equipment every time possible in order to avoid interest. Warning! Nowadays, the interest can be written off as a business expense and as much as 100% of the lease payments can be subtracted from your business income. Dollar-wise, you get more of a tax break than you pay in interest.

Generally, the asset financing decision lets you to raise your business quicker. You could apply today and get an answer tomorrow. In just days, you can have your equipment connected and ready to use. You could save critical time. Time is money in the business world.

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Providing quality equipment leasing/financing services along with superior customer service.


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