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Child rearing

By February 15, 2011 - 1:43pm

I am in a common-law blended relationship. Together we have 5 children. Ages 26 months (ours), 4 yr old twins(his), 10 yr old(his) and a 15 yr old(mine).
I am not a huge disciplinarian when it comes to my "step-children". I give the two younger ones time outs and such. I have never, and will never hit or strike them. Not my place EVER. The 10 yr old has been giving me the roll eyes and huffing if I tell her to do anything, ie) wash your hands before you eat, go shower, pick up stuff, vacuum your room.. etc.. My significant other thinks I'm riding her. And he can understand the rolling of the eyes etc.
What do I do? Say nothing???
As for the oldest and the youngest, I discipline them no problem because the are biologically my children.. .

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