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Celebrate Your Empowerment In Body-Mind-Spirit!

By December 23, 2011 - 10:32am

We are in the final glory-days of 2011 and all that this time of year brings us. We have opportunity to reflect on the past and vision forward, to give thanks and to have Fun. There is so much that could be written, said, shared, offered and explored. However in the interests of the time and the family needs, the business and the need to rest, I will keep it short.

Honor the powerful and wise self that you are.
Choose how to engage and when.
Nurture the child within and share the elder wisdom you carry.
Exercise your Body, Expand your Mind, Access your Spirit.

I recently did the following 'art-play' with a group of veterans at the Prescott, AZ, VA and it was so much fun that I want to share it here.The power of the bright images that the crayons and individual imaginations brought to the room filled it with warmth and delight!
(I also posted this activity on my Dec.3 blog at http://wellnesswithkate.wordpress.com/ )

It occurs to me that this is the ideal time to at least have a taste of the magic that is uniquely yours. It is easy to lose your balance in the rush to fit into the expectations and clamor of December. You can slip unawares into only seeing magic in the gifts you give (and receive) or in the way you are seen to celebrate the holiday. You can be caught up in the urgency and counting, and the expectations that are made and not met.

How much more powerful and peaceful to bathe in your own magic throughout the magic of the season? It is like revealing a coat or a pair of wings that says, “This is my magic and through that I will be able to recognize the real magic in others. I will choose how to engage other magic.”

You do not have to adopt the rituals and expression of the culture around you. Nor do you to completely avoid or dismiss them. Your magic is in Your uniqueness and the power within you to make choices.

Try this simple art-play to begin to picture yourself as the powerful, unique, magical being that you are. And take that image with you throughout this magical season named December. Bring your Personal Magic to the celebrations. The measure of your love to those about whom you care will be recognized in the gift of yourself first and foremost.

ART-PLAY- The Personal Magic Coat/Wings
You will need an 8×11 blank piece of paper, a pencil and box of crayons.

This should take no longer than about 15 minutes – it is not the Sistine chapel!

You can come back and add it over time but for the initial look at your magic self, do it fast, lightly with play – avoid thinking or planning.

Remember to do this with/as your Wild Child. The Wild Child is not a child so much as that aspect of you that is curious, uninhibited, willing to try anything, say anything, go anywhere. He/she is uncritical, doesn’t care what anyone thinks, and is always sure and right! And can change his/her mind at the drop of a hat and that is OK!

Draw the basic stick person, about 3 inches long in the torso.
Add stick arms and legs and a classic oval head.

If you go with the coat, draw another outline about ½ inch out from the stick torso and arms, and either full length or ¾ down the legs. This is the basis of the Coat.

If you see wings, start in the middle of the stick torso, and draw 2 of the classic, one-side curved, wing-shape of the angel or TinkerBell or whomever comes to mind. Make sure they reach at least one inch higher than the head. They can come all the way to the feet if you wish! This is the basis of the Wings.

Now, with the crayons, using color and freestyle lines, decorate, fill in, add to, enhance, expand the coat/wings.

This is your pocket Magic Self, and a bare hint of all there is beneath. Cut it out from the paper (like those paper dolls!) and carry it with you, or place in a safe place.

When you feel as if your Magic is being overwhelmed by the rest of the hoopla say hello to this pocket self. (This is for you, not the world in general – your touchstone by which the world can meet the Magic you.)

(For more art-plays, writing and other ways to reveal your Personal Magic check out the Personal Magic Book at www.wellnessswithkate.com - the Personal Magic link.)

HAVE A FABULOUS Christmas, Chanukah, Solstice and may 2012 bring us all together in the Spirit of Empowerment, Joy and Hope.

By February 27, 2012 - 3:20am

Your good article brought memories :)
Thanks so nice to read !

February 27, 2012 - 3:20am
By Blogger January 2, 2012 - 8:51pm

Why is it as adults we stop all the magic of our imagination?  I am very guilty of it.  I love to watch my grandchildren draw their pictures and then tell the story that goes along with it.  After reading you article I think I will draw along side the children and tell my story too!!

January 2, 2012 - 8:51pm

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