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Latest COD Mobile Mode Similar to 'Infected' in Modern Warfare

By July 7, 2021 - 8:00pm

The latest COD Mobile Season 7 seems to focus more on updates to the Battle Royale mode. However, there is some new content in Multiplayer that also deserves attention. After the Tunisia map, COD Mobile will soon have another unique mode adapted into the Mod Apk version here: https://techtodown.com/call-of-duty-mobile-apk/.

In the patch released by Garena, it was said that the Attack of the Undead mode will be available in Season 7. Previously, this model was tested by players on the public beta server. At first glance, it looks a lot like the popular Infected mode in COD Modern Warfare.

Eight years ago, Infected became one of the most unique modes in the Call of Duty series. Meanwhile, in Attack of the Undead itself, there will be some differences. Of course, this time it is adapted to the platform used for the latest COD Mobile this season.

According to ONE Esports, Attack of the Undead is a simple model consisting of 10 players. A player is randomly selected to then become a 'virus carrier' to transmit to other players. Initially, this selected player will look normal so the other nine players have to be wary.

The game will start to change after two people start to get infected with the virus. The appearance of the infected players was then changed to the characteristic of wearing headgear. It is the duty of other players to avoid melee because the virus can be transmitted by melee weapons.

Infected players are armed only with knives or axes, while other normal players are still armed with rifles. Therefore, the normal player must kill as many of these 'Undead' units as possible before they get close. Just like other Multiplayer modes, the winning team will be determined by the number of points earned.

There will be cases where the number of normal players will be less than those infected with the virus. For the Undead army, numbers are key to victory as this can cause panic. Their goal is to infect all players in the arena.

The mission of the uninfected players was to survive and find the safest place from the danger of being attacked by Undead creatures. Especially if there are more and more places they can encircle from many sides. The good news is that in Season 7, the developer added an Overkill perk. As discussed previously, this perk allows the player to carry two primary weapons. This is useful because throughout the game there is bound to be the possibility of running out of ammo quickly.

When the match ends, the winner is the player who collects the most lives. Overall, the Attack of the Undead mode is very refreshing in the Multiplayer mode although it is available for a limited time. It's exciting to wait for the arrival of the latest COD Mobile mode this season.

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