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You're not likely to find help if you live in these states

By October 6, 2017 - 10:38am

Social Security benefits are often misunderstood by those seeking assistance. In terms of eligibility, the U.S. Social Security Administration provides full data on eligibility for retirees and the disabled. For more information on eligibility, visit https://www.usa.gov/about-social-security.

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To know how your state ranks in terms of Social Security benefits, there are several financial sources and Social Security Disability lawyers who will clarify benefit programs.

Although, there is great disparity between states with regard to Social Security Benefits for the disabled, the states with the worst rates of SSDI approval include:
- Alaska (54% denial rate)
- Kansas (47% denial rate)
- Delaware (48% denial rate)

Other pertinent statistics regarding SSDI are that 65% of first time applications are denied. Another 87% SSDI applications are denied after review and reconsideration. 37% of applicants requests for hearings are also denied and 18% are summarily dismissed.

With these rates of benefit denials, disabled Americans most always require legal assistance from Social Security Disability lawyers who articulate their case for benefit approval. This type of assistance hastens the process of submitting application, responses required by the Social Security Administration and final processing.

States’ Responsibilities
While Social Security is a federal program, in order to manage it efficiently, there are state Social Security Administration offices. The rules for eligibility consist of several factors such as the requirement that an applicant be an American citizen, nationalized or naturalized alien, under 65 years of age and be blind or otherwise disabled.

An applicant's resources and income should be limited by their disability. Applicants should also be unable to work for prior five to ten years due to disability.

States with the Worst Backlogs for SSDI Hearings and Reviews
The state SSDI reviews all documentation to certify the disability and makes a determination of status.

Depending on the state, this can take a significant amount of time. Allsup, a top U.S non-legal SSDI representative reports that states with the worst record of response to Social Security Disability applications are:
- Alabama
- Illinois
- Indiana
- Michigan
- Missouri
- Minnesota
- Nebraska
- Ohio
- District of Columbia

These states have the worst backlogs for hearings and reviews. For disabled residents of these states, applications are mired in delays.

The disabled in the U.S. should consider an experienced Social Disability lawyer to manage their application filings and hearings to avoid unnecessary delays and denials. These lawyers are also help clients complete error free applications.

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