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piriformis sndrome & Sciatica

By October 27, 2011 - 2:19pm

I understand so much what all these women in pain are going through. I have tryed everything and spent endless amounts of money, trying to get this treated. 5 years of severe and chronic pain is a horrible way to live. Nothing works and now being on pain meds makes you numb to the world but only slighty helps with the pain. I have had steroid shots, spinal decompression, oral steroid therapy, pain pills, nerve pills and the list goes on. The Dr's send me to more Dr's and then back to the old ones, and endless circle and no one seems to have any idea what is happening. The only thing that helped at all is a 2000.00 botox shot into that muscle that last 5-6 weeks...and of course insurance does not cover any of it. Getting out of bed to start the whole pain process over for the day is very hard to deal with. I want to give up but have a very supportive husband and two good kids. But I still feel isolated and do not want to complain to everyone about the pain. Being on the computer and sitting is so painful.....so I do understand.

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Sufferers of chronic pain due to many underlying diseases or physical issues such as scoliosis.


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