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By May 31, 2012 - 7:23am

Hi i am new here my c.r.p.s. I only in my foot on my baby toe side . It has paralyzed my baby toe. I also have a damaged nerve in my middle toe that is extremely painful and makes it hard to walk along with osteo arthritis in my big toe , and spurs. My podiatrist wants to remove the damaged nerve( it feels like. I have a rock under my skin every time i step) and part of the bone in my big toe. Because of the pain and loss of mobility from the arthritis. Can the c.r.p.s. At such a late stage spread? I am in my a lot of pain constantly as it is and do not know the risks. I have heard it can and Will spread if i have surgery. I am in pain and in need of a solution. Please.

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Sufferers of chronic pain due to many underlying diseases or physical issues such as scoliosis.


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