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Exceptional Cases of Root Canal

By August 23, 2015 - 11:32am

Root canal is a dentistry therapy that is performed to fix and save teeth or a tooth which is infected or decayed badly. The procedure of root canal therapy is adopted when the nerve that is present inside the tooth gets infected. The pulp or the nerve is removed during the root canal and the tooth is cleaned from the inside and sealed. The root canal therapy is said to be painful, while some people believe that it is no more painful than a simple filling. However, there are some risks you should consider before undergoing root canal therapy.

Problems Caused by Root Canal
A new infections can emerge during a root canal treatment due to the following:

Presence of more than anticipated root canals in the tooth. this should be a bullet, right?

. A crack in the tooth remains undetected.
. An inadequate restoration that allows the bacteria to get inside the internal area of the tooth and cause contamination.
. The breakdown over time of the inside sealed material with the passage of time that allows the bacteria to contaminate the internal area again.
Cracks that are formed inside the tooth create a space that can be occupied by bacteria. Sadly, dentists can access the root canals and clean them but cannot access the cracks. It implies that the establishment of infection cannot be treated and will cause permanent problems for the patient.

Causes of Problems

It is quite possible that during the treatment, the dentist remains unaware about the presence of a crack or can underestimate the importance of the crack he sees. In some scenarios, the crack is formed after the tooth is repaired in the root canal treatment. A lot of research has been carried out that has shown that the treatment provided by the root canal specialists (periodontists) have better success rate than the treatment provided by a normal dentist. Many dentists found treating some teeth very easy and straightforward but for some, it could be very difficult. However, fully understanding the complexity level of the therapy cannot be possible until the therapy is started.

Post-Root Canal Problems

Teeth that go through root canal therapy are rarely as strong as the original teeth. Due to this reason, they often required dental crown placement for protection and strengthening purposes. Often, patients forget the restoration part of the root canal therapy. After the successful treatment of root canal, if the teeth are not properly restored with the help of a crown or cap, the remaining structure of the tooth will be vulnerable to breakdown and in the end, the entire tooth will have to be removed. To avoid periodontics therapy, one must understand the importance of crown restoration after root canal therapy. When it comes to dental care, early detection, prevention, and complete treatment are the greatest tools for good health.

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