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Important Need to Know Facts on Invisalign

By February 23, 2018 - 2:07pm

This may not be so new in all countries but is still seen as the only invisible way to correct teeth without the need to use braces, and it’s called Invisalign. This method makes use of a number of clear changeable aligners to steadily straighten a person’s teeth without any wires or metals.

This technology makes use of a computer with 3D imaging technology in order to represent the complete treatment plan. This will include the starting point and desired result with everything in between.

A number of clear, custom-made aligners are bent in accordance with the treatment plan for straightening teeth. Most people will need to wear each aligner for about 2 weeks, and then it is replaced by the next aligner, and the next and so on until the anticipated results have been attained. Each of the aligners used during this treatment adjusts a person’s teeth incrementally.

The Key Benefits

There are a few primary benefits of this treatment plan as listed below.

A person will be able to see a virtual plan of the treatment before starting. This is so that one can see what the end results will produce once the treatment is done.

It requires less time in the doctor’s chair as is usually needed with braces and wires for adjustments.

Maintaining oral hygiene will be easier as you can floss and brush regularly.

Comfort is the key benefit offered by this treatment plan.

With braces, you cannot drink and eat what you want for the duration of the treatment but with these, you can.

One can achieve straight teeth without anyone even being aware of the treatment.

Well, what are aligners then if they are invisible and can be used without people knowing?

Aligners are produced from a strong and clear medical-graded plastic that is basically invisible or rather see-through when worn. They are custom made to fit and move teeth for each individual’s needs and has a similar appearance to teeth-whitening trays. Many have even referred to them as being contact lenses for teeth.

An Advanced Way to Correct Teeth

In previous year’s treatment was quite limited, although, there was a vision of removable appliances able to correct general problems with teeth. It has now become a reality with Invisalign.

These aligners can move teeth using suitable placement and control of the force placed on teeth. Thus, it works in principle exactly the same as arched wires and brackets found with braces. The main difference between the two can be seen not only by the controlled force but also the control of the timing of the force. In each stage, specific teeth are targeted to move. Movement of these teeth is determined by the specific stage of treatment.

This treatment plan can treat a big range of cases with greater accuracy, as a result of the application of computer technology combined with custom manufacturing.

Costs Involved

The costs involved in this treatment may vary as it will depend on a couple of factors. Factors that can play a part in the cost includes the dentist and the length of treatment. If you have more complex dental issues, treatment may be longer than with someone who requires minor adjustments.

Therefore, the cost will be determined by each person’s clinical requirements. These can be discussed with your orthodontist.

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