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Top 5 Secrets to an Eye-Catching White Smile

By August 25, 2021 - 2:28am

A smile is the key facial feature that boosts your self-confidence and improves the way others perceive you. And nothing defines a smile like a set of gorgeous white teeth. Unfortunately, various bad habits and different types of foods can damage and discolor your enamel with time, making you self-conscious of smiling in the eyes of others.

If you’re currently looking for safe and effective ways to whiten your teeth, consider trying some of the following tips.

1. Avoid staining beverages
Red wine, coffee, tea, and sodas all stain your smile. However, did you know that blackberry, blueberry, and pomegranate juices can also leave hideous marks on your teeth? Even if these dark-colored berries are used in smoothies, they can still be detrimental to your pearly whites. Prevent stains and discoloration on from these beverages by using a straw when drinking and rinsing your mouth with clean water every time you’ve finished a drink. Brushing your teeth with whitening toothpaste can also help you avoid stains and preserve the natural color of your smile for longer.

2. Consider professional whitening
If you’re interested in quick and effective results, getting in-office teeth whitening treatment is your best option. Dentists use products that are significantly stronger than those you can get at a drugstore. This guarantees instant and long-lasting results after the treatment. Your dentist can also give you a whitening kit right after your procedure. It can be used to keep your smile whiter without causing any damage to your gums and teeth.

3. Use a proper toothpaste
Brushing with the right type of toothpaste is a great way to get your teeth safely whitened at home. Consider asking your dental specialist about toothpaste with an ideal combination of whitening and stain-removing properties. Always brush your teeth at least twice a day to get rid of plaque and remove the enamel-dissolving acids from your teeth. Cleaning your teeth after eating is also a good idea. However, avoid brushing within half an hour after having a meal because acids from food and beverages can weaken the protective layer of your teeth, making them more susceptible to erosion and irritation.

4. Clean hard-to-reach areas with floss and mouthwash
Besides making your breath fresher, mouthwash can also be highly effective in whitening your teeth. Using mouthwash after cleaning your teeth is like creating an additional layer of protection from bacteria and acids that can compromise your smile. Flossing is also crucial for a whiter smile and healthier teeth. Have you ever seen any black marks appearing between your teeth? Using dental floss at least a few times a week can help eliminate plaque that coats your teeth, helping whiten those problematic areas and making your smile look like a million dollars.

5. Stop smoking
After whitening your teeth, it’s very important to maintain the results. That means quitting, or at least reducing, any bad habits that may discolor your smile. That’s why all kinds of tobacco products, including cigarettes, cigars, and snus should be given the boot. The tar and nicotine in tobacco not only stain your teeth but also put you at increased risk of developing various dental and medical problems. Concerning electronic cigarettes, these should not compromise your smile due to not producing any smoke or tar. However, they still contain nicotine, which may impact the function of your salivary glands, reducing the amount of bacteria-neutralizing saliva in your mouth.

The bottom line
When looking for teeth whitening methods, make sure to consult your dentist to determine which suits you the best. Also, don’t forget to practice proper dental hygiene and avoid bad habits like smoking to keep your teeth whiter for longer.

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