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What Are the Advantages of Mini-Dental Implants Placement?

By March 31, 2015 - 4:56am

Mini dental implants are used to hold dentures securely into place, unlike full sized dental implants that are used to replicate and replace a tooth.

What are mini dental implants?

Mini dental implants are screw-like pieces of metal that are inserted into the gum tissue by a dental professional in order to hold dentures into place. They look very similar to regular dental implants, sans the false tooth on the top of the screw-like apparatus. Mini implants are paired with a securing nut-like piece in the dentures that is used to keep them securely in place.

What are dentures?

Dentures are set of false teeth and false gums that are used to replicate the mouth of the patient, while making slight increases in appearance. Dentures are only used in patients who have no teeth, but they can be made in full or partial sets depending upon the need of the individual. Dentures are made by taking a mold of the patient’s mouth and then creating the false teeth and gums via various test models. The dentist tests out a variety of molds of dentures to find the one that fits the best as well as the one that looks the most natural. The dental professional will pull out all the necessary teeth and replicate them in porcelain with their molding process.

How are mini dental implants placed in the mouth?

To place a mini dental implant in the mouth, the dental professional will make an incision into the gums and use their specialized dental drill to screw in the mini implant. Often these implants will be secured into tooth sockets where a tooth had previously lived. The dentist will also apply the other end of the screw to the bottom of the dentures and make sure they match up for a secure fit.

How do mini dental implants stabilize dentures?

Mini implants stabilize dentures by locking them into place and disallowing them to move around. The end of the screw that is secure in the dentures is a perfect fit to the screw end that is drilled into the mouth, so that they are able to perfectly lock together and create a substantial hold.

What are the advantages of using mini dental implants?

Using mini dental implants instead of adhesive denture creams takes away the fear that one’s dentures will comically fly out of the mouth when laughing or talking exuberantly. Adhesive creams are notorious for not being strong enough to hold dentures securely into place, but mini dentals are very efficient in completing this task. Mini dental implants make it almost impossible for dentures to fall out of the mouth without prompt from the patient, which is why they are largely preferred by dental professional and by patients.

How do you take care of mini dental implants?

Taking care of mini dental implants is no very different than taking care of one’s regular teeth. Mini implants should be cleaned and brushed on a daily basis to ensure they have no food or debris stuck to them that could cause problems with oral health or problems in their ability to hold dentures correctly. The portion of the mini implant on the dentures should also be cleaned out in order to avoid any food from getting stuck within the hole and prevent proper stabilization. Cleaning dentures regularly is important in maintain oral health and the lasting powers of mini implants.

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