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When Your Permanent Choppers Comes in behind Baby Choppers

By January 17, 2018 - 10:30am

When you see that your children’s permanent choppers come in behind their baby choppers, it is normal to be worried. It can look like your little girl or boy has two rows of choppers, but it looks worse than it really is and this is not so difficult to fix. You have to schedule an initial appointment with your pediatric dentist.

Baby choppers usually fall out by themselves. The permanent choppers that come out will most likely push the baby choppers out and take their place. To make space for the permanent choppers, the roots of the baby choppers start to dissolve as soon as the permanent choppers start to push upwards.

It is possible that the baby choppers do not want to let go and refuses to come out of the mouth. This is usually called lingually erupting mandibular incisors. The simpler name for them is dragon or shark choppers.

It Is Not That Important

The situation is actually seen very regular, meaning it happens to a few children yearly. Typically, there won’t be a need for dental assistance as the body normally fixes the problem by itself although there can be other issues associated with it. Thus, before it leads to a more serious problem like misaligning or crowding, you have to go and visit your pediatric dentist.

In general, every child has approximately twenty baby choppers. Depending on when the adult choppers erupt, but typically they will start losing their baby choppers between the ages of 5 and 7 years old.

Your child’s choppers may come in, in the same order that the baby ones fall out. The shark chopper phenomenon tends to take place in the lower front jaw and around the age of 6 is will be noticeable. Around the age of 11 years old, it may also be seen in the upper jaw.

The most expected problems that cause lingual erupting incisors includes:

• The baby chopper’s roots do not dissolve like they are supposed to. The permanent choppers do not have a place to go then, which is why they go either behind or in front of the baby choppers.
• Another reason is that the permanent choppers naturally developing behind the baby choppers as there may already be too many choppers causing overcrowding in the lower jaw.
• The permanent choppers grow behind the baby choppers because they are not in the right place.

A Few Solutions for Kids with this Problem

It is time to get your dentist to have a look, as soon as shark choppers appear and ones set does not fall out on their own. You may also want to try and loosen up the baby choppers slowly by gently moving them back and forth for a bit every day. It helps the body to get rid of the baby choppers also called exfoliation.

To determine if there are any other treatments needed, your dentist will most likely have to take some X-rays. Your child’s baby choppers might have to be taken out of his or her mouth if it wiggling it doesn’t work.

After that is done the tongue of your child can be used to push the permanent choppers back to where they are supposed to be. If the shark choppers are left too long, it could cause your child to require braces to straighten the choppers.

Severe Problems

In a few situations, dentists have found that space may still not be enough for the permanent choppers even after the baby choppers has been taken out. Your dentist will have to do a procedure called disking if the permanent choppers can still not move to where they are supposed to be.

When this has to be done, the enamel gets taken from the leftover baby choppers to slim it down. It creates just enough space for the permanent choppers to go to the right place.

How to Stop another Problem

A snowball effect can be caused even if just one chopper comes in incorrectly. This can cause that the other choppers also grow incorrectly. To make sure that all the adult choppers have enough room to develop is a must.

There are more reasons on why your child’s choppers must be lined up. How successful a child can eat depends on how teeth are lined up. It can also lead to difficulties if the problem does not receive attention as soon as possible.

These difficulties can include:

• The child will need braces
• Misalignment or malocclusion
• Infection
• Gum irritation
• Even speech impairment

It Will Have a Psychological Effect as Well

This condition could have a psychological effect on your kids. They may feel self-conscious, they may battle to make friends, they may stop smiling and develop other issues as a result.

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