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Why Do Dentists Suggest Six-Month Checkups?

By March 28, 2015 - 10:11am

Dentists suggest regular checkups every six months because they are essential for your oral health and will keep your smile and your gums at their best with regular maintenance. Dentists also suggest that during these six-month periods between checkups, you should be working to keep your gums and your teeth clean and healthy, so the maintenance that is done every six months isn’t a chore. You may get a suggestion for shorter checkup periods based on the severity of your mouth or if additional help is required. This article written with the help of Crawford and O'Brien dental internet marketing company.

Regular Dental Checkups

During your regular visits to the dentist every six months, there are various procedures and treatments that occur, such as checking for tooth decay, getting your teeth cleaned and whitened, and checking or more serious conditions. Your gums will be evaluated for overall health, a quick look at your neck and your head will show whether or not there is anything out of the ordinary, and you also will be checked for the following in most cases;
● Oral cancer, which includes any tumors in the mouth or tongue cancer.
● Vitamin deficiencies that affect the strength in your teeth, such as lack of calcium.
● Diabetes

Dentists also look for any issues with the joints in your lower jaw that could lead to bigger problems down the road if not fixed right away, such as alignment problems and will examine your jaw to see your bite situation. From there they will check for any tartar or plaque, clean your teeth and suggest ways you can keep your teeth clean and healthy between visits, such as regular brushing and flossing. Dentists also suggest brushing so food, tobacco and beverages do not stain your teeth.

Dentists recommend six-month checkups because of plaque and tartar build up that usually come from not brushing or flossing frequently and properly. The buildup can irritate the tissue on your gums and will eventually harden on your teeth. Once plaque hardens on your tooth, it can be very difficult to remove just from brushing, which is why having a checkup and a cleaning every six months is very essential to your overall mouth health.

Dental Examinations During a Checkup

Your dentist will assess the state of your gums and your teeth by conducting the following;
● Examining your gums to look for signs of weakness or inflammation.
● Check for signs of teeth that have become weak, chipped or even loose.
● Check for signs of gum disease.
● Examine your tongue to ensure that there are no spots that look suspicious, such as white areas that could indicate signs of white tongue.
● Examine the tissues on the inside of your mouth for any signs of oral cancer, for example.
● Check for any signs of tooth decay or damaged fillings that need to be dealt with.
● X-rays incase of an issue with your jaw or bite you may have addressed before the assessment.
● Examining the overall contact between all of your teeth to see if there are gaps that could be fixed.

Dentists suggest six-month checkups because there is a lot that can happen between those periods of time if you do not keep up with the regular maintenance necessary to ensure that your teeth are clean and healthy.

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