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New show on the Oprah channel - "Addicted to Food"

By HERWriter Guide April 7, 2011 - 9:00am

This new show focuses on 8 people with various kinds of food addictions and obsessions, from bulimics to compulsive over eaters to binge eaters and more. Interestingly, all 8 people are given the same kind of therapy because the therapists feel that all eating disorders are the same: it's an obsession with food. They get the same meal plans and the same kind of therapy.

This varies a bit from other forms of therapy that split people up, depending on the kind of disordered eating they have.

Has anyone seen the show? What you do think?

Personally, I believed that people should be split up because eating disorders can vary so much. But upon reflection, this newer way of thinking has a lot of merit. Whether a person weighs 90 pounds or 390 pounds, it all comes down to a dangerously unhealthy obsession with food. It's an interesting therapeutic concept.

I'd love to hear opinions!


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