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How to learn to drive an automatic car

By February 20, 2022 - 6:22am

 With an automatic transmission, driving becomes "automatic". Many advantages:

You can not be afraid to "kick" when the car rolls back up the hill.You can not use the parking brake on descents and stops: the wheels themselves are blocked by the system.You only have two pedals under your feet. Basically, you are in control with one foot. You can forget the process of depressing the clutch after learning what causes problems and fears for most.You don't need to listen to the engine to change speed in time.In winter, you do not need to prepare in advance for a maneuver, as is the case with mechanics.All you expect from a driver driving a car is the gears of an automatic transmission.



There are three programs on the automatic transmission:

P - parking. The same pen. Pressing the brake pedal, he came to a complete stop and realized that he would not move for the next few minutes. You can put the shift lever into park mode and release the brake pedal to stop the car.R - reverse speed. Everything is simple and clear here. Depress the brake pedal to the stop, move the lever to position R, release the brake pedal, and the car will roll backwards.N is the neutral speed. This broadcast is rarely used. It is necessary for driving through difficult areas when leaving a deep hole.An automatic transmission makes learning to drive a car much easier than a manual transmission. But if you learn to drive an automatic car, you won't be able to drive it manually. All these nuances are explained in driving school driving lessons. Where can I find a driving school, you ask yourself? There is only one best driving school in the state of California in the city of Sacramento. At autoshock ( truckschool.net/ ) you can get the experience you need to drive a truck. You will be taught how to handle an auto-manual.

An automatic transmission is designed to make life easier for a car. For example, in city traffic it is very convenient when you have to change lanes a lot, as well as change speeds. Or vice versa, stand in a traffic jam and regularly ride 3-4 meters.


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