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Try These Top Five Headsets for Your Exercise Routine

By April 23, 2017 - 2:26pm

Whether you run on the street or a treadmill, you might want to use headsets to listen to music or television. Many health clubs provide televisions, but you need headphones to hear it. Some also allow you to connect your phone to the workout machine. If you are more the outdoors exerciser, you would want headphones that connect to your phone. Here are the features of five headsets that are meant to be worn during workouts.

Before we get to the headsets, though, you should consider these issues.

Simple Use -- You don’t want to fidget with your headphones while exercising. You expect Bluetooth headsets to find its mate fast and wired headsets to not get tangled with the equipment.
Portability -- When you are in the health club, you don’t want something bulky and heavy. You need them to be portable, especially if you are running the streets.
Sweat Resistance -- When you exercise, you sweat. The last thing you want in headphones is for them to conk out because you are sweating. You need to have water-resistant types.

66 Audio BTS -- These have consistently been ranked No. 1 because of their design. These headphones are simple to use because they pair to just about any device. You can control it through buttons on the ear piece. They are easy to reach and control. The BTS+ can pair to two different devices at once. If you get bored with the songs on your phone, you can immediately switch to another mobile device. You could answer a call on one device while being entertained on another. You also get excellent sound quality. If you live an active lifestyle, you can’t go wrong with these.
Skullcandy Crusher -- LIke its name, it crushes the competition because of sound quality and portability. The Crusher gives you balanced sound, crystal clear mids and highs that aren’t drowned by the bass. If you want the bass, you can use the battery-operated amp hidden in the left ear cup that vibrates in time with the bass. You can change the vibration levels by using a sliding know. You can decide how much or how little bass response you want. The sliding knob doesn’t distort the music, either. The Crusher’s hinge connects the earcups to the headband folds in three directions for easy storage.
Sol Republic 1211-01 -- These headphones are popular among exercise gym rats. Their interchangeable and customizable components plus great sound definitely make these one of the best workout headphones on the market. All the parts, headbands, cables and earcups, are interchangeable and available separately. You can switch out bad parts without having to buy new headsets. You can individualize it with colorful headbands, cables and earcups. You can mix and match or buy a customized set. The earcups are the best part of the feature. Although they are powerful, they fit snugly so very little sound escapes.
Bose SoundLink -- For its first venture into wireless headphones, Bose excels. Because Bose has a reputation of superior sound quality, the SoundLink delivers on its promise, but it is not as easy to use as the BTS+ Sports Headphones. The SoundLink also doesn’t offer the customization the Republic does. The headphones’ sturdy rigid plastic frame stays in place during the most vigorous exercise routine. They won’t become heavy and bothersome over the long-haul.
Koss Sporta Pro -- While not the most popular, they also are not the most expensive. The SportaPro offers balanced sound without overwhelming bass or treble, but they are not as clear as other brands. They give you a unique headband that adjusts from around-the-neck to over-head. If you change your hairstyles or wear hats, you can use either type of headband. It’s like having two sets of headphones in one.

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