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my ten year old daughters sudden unexplained hairloss :(

By April 7, 2012 - 3:40am

Hello my name is paula im a 30yr old single working mum my daughter and i have a brilliant relationship this year on januaury the first 2012 i noticed a small bald patch on top of my daughters head i have been to doctors had routine test nothing has been found since then she has lost most of her hair and still continues to do so! hair is growing bk thinner and patchey she starts comp in 4mths i am at my wits end as i feel so useless and dnt knw what else i can do as doctors are very little help to me and mine im looking for answers but have none i will search and keep going to the doctors is there anybody out there who can help us can u think of any reasons why this has happened now just like that is there anything i can do that i am not doing already??? change diet get her to sleep at bedtimes rather than let her stay awake watching dvds as she wont sleep till im in my bed buy vitamins and hair loss vitamins anyt suggestions at all would be a help

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