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The popularity of cryptocurrencies is growing

By September 18, 2021 - 11:45am

There’s a possibility the recent cryptocurrency price hikes are partially or totally justified by changes in the market participants’s perception of the factors affecting the future prospects of blockchain platforms. However, in the long run, the value of the cryptocurrencies will depend on the financial added value generated by the blockchain ecosystem.

If we look back to the 1990s and the dot-com boom, there was a huge growth in internet use, and it was recognized it would change the world. Hundreds of net-related companies appeared and began developing technologies, services, and applications.

A market bubble eventuated due to excessive speculation, and in the crash, numerous companies were forced to shut down.

But the internet, of course, turned out to indeed be revolutionary, and some of the companies formed at that time are today among the world’s biggest.

If blockchain technology’s potential is realized, perhaps many of the current blockchain platforms and projects won’t make the cut, drastically reducing in value or vanishing altogether.

But, there’s a reasonable chance that some of them will be big winners.

But today we can already say about the growth of the popularity of bitcoin among users.
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