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Natural-looking Breast Augmentation

By May 11, 2012 - 12:56am

Many types of women present for breast augmentation. Some have been flat chested or small breasted since puberty. Many women experience deflation of their breasts as a result of childbearing and breast-feeding. Others have asymmetries, unshapely breasts, or inadequate cleavage. A good percent of women in Las Vegas, simply want large breasts and a voluptuous and curvy silhouette.

Breast augmentation Las Vegas with implants can improve upon all of these conditions. Saline or silicone implants are FDA approved for breast augmentation and we use them both. Dr. Brown will achieve visually beautiful results with either device, the silicone implants do feel more natural than saline implants. The palpability of a breast implant is closely related to an individual's overlying tissues; patients with thicker tissues and more natural breast tissue potentially feel the implant less than than thin, flat-chested women. Implants under the chest muscles may also feel softer because of the increased amount of natural soft tissue overlying the implant.

Breast implants Las Vegas do not treat sagging per se. They improve breast shape, size, and contour. Breast lift surgery treats sagging, and is often combined with implants. Dr. Brown will advise you on what you are a candidate for, providing you with a straightforward and logical explanation for why a particular choice may be recommended. Alternatives and other options will always be considered. We understand that it gets confusing for mildly sagging patients in particular, where there can be various recommendations given for surgical treatment and pocket site choice. There certainly is an artistic element of plastic surgery, combined with a surgeon's technical skills and training which can affect surgical plan. The key is to admire a surgeon's results and aesthetic sense, while logically following your intuition. Surgical plans are logically based, and need to make sense.

Breast augmentation Las Vegas expert Dr. Brown will discuss some of the other decisions involved in planning your breast enlargement procedure, including implant sizing, styles, and incision location, during the consultation. In some cases, women may need to combine a breast lift with their breast augmentation Las Vegas procedure to deliver the best result.

If you're like most women, safety and recovery following surgery are big concerns for you. It’s important to find a board certified plastic surgeon who specializes in breast enhancement.

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