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Support for Women with Cancer

By Blogger October 2, 2014 - 12:01pm

This summer, I was fortunate to volunteer with and meet some amazing women behind a unique organization called Mary’s Place by the Sea (www.marysplacebythesea.org). This non-profit organization provides a place for women around the world with cancer a place to go to, to heal: mind, body and soul.

I learned that they welcome women with all types and stages of cancer from all around the world who are seeking guidance, insight, support and a place for healing during their cancer journey. Located just off the beach in Ocean Grove, NJ, they provide the comforts of home.

Having lost one too many loved ones in my life to cancer, but personally never having been diagnosed with cancer, I can’t imagine what a person goes through emotionally and psychologically while coping with this health crisis.

Sometimes in life when things go awry or not the way we hope, we many times want to escape. Mary’s Place is that place where women can go to gain the emotional and psychological support they so desperately need and want to support them through their cancer journey.

Impressed by the fact that well over 3,500 women have walked through the doors of Mary’s Place in the last five years to seek solace and comfort, with offerings including Reiki therapy, oncological massage, spa services, guided meditation, yoga and nutritional counseling, made me want to get even more involved and to help spread the word. Clearly women are seeking value in what is being provided and that is making an impact on women’s lives.

I felt that I couldn’t remain silent and must spread the word about the gem of a place that provides the comforts of home with the valued support so many women have benefited from while battling cancer.

It takes many hands and hearts including volunteer services and in-kind donations to enable Mary’s Place by the Sea to offer complimentary services to help women with cancer. My heart has been captured and I am now helping to share their value to help women with cancer.

Please join me in helping to raise awareness of Mary’s Place and their offerings. For women in our lives who need an escape for a few days to come to terms with their cancer diagnosis or to get a restart, let’s please encourage them to reach out for the support they may need.

Disclosure: The communications company that I work with, Green Room Communications, does pro-bono work to support Mary’s Place by the Sea. During our summer outing this year we were offered the opportunity to volunteer our time, and that is what I did. To be able to share my skills and abilities to support their mission of helping women with cancer was, and continues to be tremendously rewarding.

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