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Office Work: How Does It Affect Your Health

By May 20, 2015 - 5:57am

Work in an office surely has many advantages. However, it influences our health not in a very good way. Here are some things office workers should know about.

Muscular problems, obesity, diabetes, cancer and heart problems are among the other diseases office work can bring.

Office work influence posture greatly, making people a bit humpbacked. It can cause some serious diseases such as arthritis or bursitis.

Are you so busy at work that you often skip breakfast? That’s very bad for your health because it can lead to high blood pressure, obesity and heart problems.

Fast food
Many office workers eat very unhealthy food for lunch because it is cheap and actually fast. Heart diseases are quite frequent among those who do that.

Motivation meetings
It is proved that motivation meetings annoy almost everyone. Most people have bad mood after them and are more stressful and depressed.

No matter how modern and expensive air conditioners are in your office, there are still many bacteria, toxic elements and mold that you breathe in. Add some colleagues with cough, cigarette breath and other unpleasant things.

Don’t keep your laptop on your knees while working. Researches show that it is very unhealthy especially for men.

More than 10 hours
Workaholics, who spend more than ten hours per day in front of a computer, have more chances to get infarct, angina and cardiovascular diseases.

Irregular hours
Unstable work schedule or working at nights (especially for programmers) can be the reason for diabetes 2, cancer and heart diseases. Researches show that people who wake up late are more stressful and have a bigger appetite.

Although computer monitors don’t emit any radiation, they often make our eyes tired and heavy. In some cases, there can be even headaches.

Bright light
It may sound strange, but it is considered that our organisms take very bright light as the darkness. As the result, it can harm your biorhythm, cause stress, increase your pressure and even cause some diseases.

Microbiologists have established that there are 5 times more bacteria in in keyboards than in toilets. Sometimes even dangerous staphylococcus and colibacillus may appear there and cause very serious infections.

A big amount of work with a keyboard and mouse can be the reason for carpal tunnel syndrome. It is a painful wrist sprain that can spread to the whole arm, damage some nerves and even get some muscles atrophied.

About the author
Olga Ronson is a qualified educator, public speaker and writer at the assignment help resource AssignmentJedii . She leads a healthy lifestyle and works out every day.

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