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Stress Reduction Guide For A Busy Person

By May 18, 2015 - 1:48am

Stress is one of the main causes of health problems for many people: It can cause heart diseases, depression, weight problems and many other troubles. We are so busy to deal with that, though. How can we reduce our stress level, remain productive at work and not stop caring about our family?
A busy person doesn’t have enough time to meditate alone for a week, have a couple of days off or even visit a psychologist now and then.
Many people fight stress with unhealthy methods: alcohol, smoking, drugs, junk food, watching TV, procrastination, etc. Ironically, all those things lead to even more stress.
What should you do? There are 4 small steps that a busy person can take. You should just change your attitude and do a couple of things. It will only take a few minutes. These steps will not solve the serious cases of overstressed people, but they can surely help some of us.

1. Concentrate only on one thing at a time. Instead of jumping from one task to another, take one of them and fully concentrate on it. Let yourself think of nothing but this task. Stop thinking of what you’ll do after that. There will always be new tasks and assignments; you cannot do anything about it. Let all those next tasks begin in their time and just focus on what you need to do with the current one.

2. Stop controlling everything. No external factors such as family problems or troubles at work don’t make us feel stressed on themselves. It is our fears that lead to stress. Those factors are a part of our life, but they cause stress only when we start to fear a failure. We are afraid that some people won’t like us. We are afraid that we are not good enough. We fear rejection. Those fears are based on some ideal that we cannot reach. Stop being afraid of everything and stop controlling every single thing. Admit that chaos and uncertainty are ok sometimes.

3. Accept people the way they are and smile to them. Often we get disappointed in people because they don’t agree with our ideal notion of them. They act not the way we expect from them. Just admit that they are not perfect. And you are not perfect. They are searching their ways to happiness the same as you are. They try. Accept that and enjoy their company.

4. Meditate. You don’t have to use any of those complicated techniques. You can breathe slowly for 30 seconds. You can sit for a minute with your eyes closed and think of your feelings, fears, goals and ideals. You can take a walk and notice all the feelings and emotions you get while walking. You can do all that during a day.

In addition: if you have done all that and you have some more time, here are some more recommendations for you:
• Clean your to-do list from any unnecessary things
• Say “no” to people more often
• Start eating healthy food
• Start working out
• Spend time with the people you love
• Get some sleep
• Have a cup of tea
Don’t leave your stress be. Do something about it!

About the author
Jana Rookard is an educator, life coach and an aspirational writer at EssayJedii.com . She loves everything about education, changing your life for good and being healthy.

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