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5 Healthiest Foods to help in Healthy Living and Losing Weight.

By March 15, 2016 - 9:40am

Weight loss is one of the topics that have been most searched online for the last couple of years. Watching your weight is important in ensuring that you maintain the basic metabolic rate(BMR), ensuring that you are physically fit and getting you in a good shape. What many people do not realize is that what we eat and take into our bodies is actually what we become. Also, if you already have added the unnecessary weight, you can lose it naturally by leading a lifestyle that will stimulate the weight loss. In addition to working out, it is also important to watch what you eat. There are foods that are foods that are perceived to be unhealthy to consume but the fact is that the choice and preparation of these foods is what determines the health and the effect they will have in our bodies. Some of these foods are;

1. Vegetables; these foods are famous for being rich in fiber, antioxidants and other nutrients that are important for the human body. Eating vegetables is very important in lowering the risk of cancer diabetes and heart diseases. When it comes to helping with loss of weight, vegetables are recommended as they are very low in calories.

2. Meat; consumption of meat has been for a long time been discouraged by health practitioners. This is because the meat today is not the same as it used to be. Nowadays, animals are pumped with drugs and lots of unnatural foods thus contributing to the unhealthy nature of the meat. Animals, such as cows, that ate their natural source of food have much better nutrients. It is recommended to take meat form naturally raised animals. Choosing this type of meat is far much better than going for a standard western diet.

3. Fish; fish has been consumed for a long time but it is very important to ensure that you are eating healthy fish, not the once that have been contaminated due to the pollution of the ocean. Fish is a very good source of Omega-3’s and it lowers depression, mental disorders as well as other chronic diseases.

4. Fruits; fruits are high in fiber and have low energy density, vitamin C as well as oxidants. If your ultimate goal is losing weight, then it is recommended that you should consume utmost 1 piece per day. They are tasty and don’t require any preparation.

5. Nuts and seeds; these are known to contain a lot of essential nutrients and they are particularly high in vitamin E and magnesium. Despite the fact that they are high in fats, eating nuts are associated with insulin sensitivity, improved health as well as lowering of body weight. It is recommended that you should eat these nuts and seeds in moderation.

Taking the above foods into consideration goes a long way in ensuring that you lose weight and at the same time staying healthy.

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