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5 Ways to Stop Snoring with Remedies that Actually Work

By August 16, 2017 - 1:59pm

Is your snoring ruining your friendships and/or relationships? Are you causing more than a nuisance with your snoring? If you answered “yes” to the above, we certainly have some solutions for you! This article is written with the help of US Medical Times.

Snoring is one of the most common conditions all across the country. With studies that show 45 percent of all adults snore on occasion, and 25 percent snore habitually, it’s a common problem we all go through, so you’re not the only one!

Snoring occurs when a person’s airways have narrowed, causing the air that passes through it as we breathe to vibrate the soft tissue of the throat. If you are a frequent snorer, you may have what’s called sleep apnea, in which case, these types of snorers actually stop breathing, sometimes hundreds of times a night – scary, right? That being said, sleep apnea is something you shouldn’t take lightly – as it raises risk of heart attack, depression and diabetes.

Luckily there are ways and treatments that can improve those conditions – Interested? Read on below to find out more on how you can finally get that extra sleep you need!

1. Sleeping on Your Side

Those of you who only have a snoring problem that is minor, this might just do the trick. Certain positions like side sleeping can really make a difference – try it! Because there’s greater pressure on the throat when you’re lying on your back, shifting to your side can really quiet that snore. Try using a body pillow to help to maintain the side position throughout the whole night.

2. Losing Weight

Losing a few pounds here and there is not only good for your overall health but it may just help with your snoring problems! Excess weight can add tissue to the neck that presses and restricts airways, leading to the vibrations that produce snores. If you continue to gain weight every year, you are easily prone to develop sleep apnea, but if you start losing the weight, it may help alleviate snoring.

3. Spearmint and Fenugreek

Digestion plays a big role in our sleep patterns and can cause snoring. Fenugreek and spearmint are excellent herbs that can cure snoring from digestive issues, in particular caused by indigestion – an acid problem in the digestive system. Fenugreek has been shown to fight sleep apnea and improve digestive issues that lead to snoring, while spearmint also relieves indigestion and acid reflux symptoms that can also contribute to snoring.

4. Vitamin C

The sinuses can obstruct the airways, causing the mouth to open and the uvula, the fleshy extension at the back of the soft palate that hangs above the throat, to vibrate and create the annoy of all-night snore. Vitamin C is a great way to help prevent this because we know it helps promote a healthy immune system – which leads to clearing sinuses.

5. Saying No to Alcohol

Drinking alcohol before bed leads to less restful, more disturbed sleep. When you drink alcohol, it relaxes your throat muscles during your sleep, obstructing your airway. Prescription drugs such as sleeping pills can have the same effect. So next time you are offered or tempted to drink, say no!

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