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7 Unusual Ways In Which A Dog Is Good For Your Health

By December 16, 2016 - 12:46am

There are so many ways in which your life improves when you have a pet. Coming home to a dog who loves you unconditionally can be the biggest stress buster there is. But if you were to talk about the top ways in which a dog is great for you, then read on and discover more.

They get you moving
This is a rather obvious one isn’t it? Having a dog means:
• Getting up and out at particular times during the day.
• More fun playtime.
• Expending calories even for regular grooming time.

Getting back to good health after surgery or illness is made into a shorter journey with a dog. If you want evidence of the same, all you have to do is to look at therapy dogs and what they achieve at hospitals and rehab centers.

Cancer detectors
It is fascinating to know that dogs have an established track record at detecting cancer. There are so many case studies of how canines have sniffed out cancer of the:

• Skin,
• Lung,
• Ovaries and
• Colon.

Imagine the huge advantage one gets of beating cancer with modern medicine simply because a dog has sniffed it out.

While studies on this particular benefit are in their infancy stage, results show that dogs lower the risk of eczema in children. Getting a dog for your young child has plenty of benefits for both parties but added to this is the lowering of skin disorders. But a word of caution here – do clear it with your pediatrician if your child has asthma. You may have to get a dog that does not have overly thick fur if your doctor says it is okay.

Low blood sugar
Dogs can also sense when you have low blood sugar. This is especially true when trained dogs live with diabetics for whom monitoring blood sugar is critical. It is possible that the canine is reacting to subtle changes in the body smells or even detects minor muscular tremors but a trained dog can not only sense falling levels of blood sugar but also encourage their owner to eat some food or drink something immediately.

Allergy detectors
Yes we have heard of sniffer dogs. Their power to smell out illicit substances such as drugs and explosives in huge crowds or at establishments such as check posts and airports has helped avert many catastrophes. Here is another way in which their olfactory strengths are put to use – allergens. Dogs have been trained to detect even the minutest amounts of things that can cause allergies. This can help when one is hyper allergic to some substance like peanuts.

Seizures sometimes can be avoided with timely action. Dogs can be trained to detect these warning signs and help an individual take seizure-blocking medicine or even call for help. Again, science is hard at work to study more of this phenomenon but here is the thing – the sheer joy and comfort that one can get from a dog is a huge source of support.

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