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Motorized vs. Manual Treadmill. Which one is for you?

By October 16, 2015 - 8:48am

Choosing to buy a treadmill for home use is a smart decision, giving the fact that millions of Americans lead sedentary lifestyles.

In the event that the only free hours you have are exactly when your favorite TV show airs, you can’t leave you children alone or you simply don’t like crowded places, a home treadmill is a good option.

Training at home helps you develop a healthier routine and, at the same time, it helps you motivate your family. The difficult part is choosing between a manual treadmill or motorized treadmill. Although they both come with their advantages, they are not suitable for all public categories.

Why should you buy a motorized treadmill?

Motorized treadmills are powered by electricity and, as their name suggests, they have motors that help the belt move automatically. They feature a wide variety of options and levels, which is why it is suitable for everyone, regardless of the endurance level or physical shape.

Training using a motorized treadmill is easy, as you can set it according to your necessities. For example, if you are a beginner and your physical shape doesn’t allow you to put a lot of effort into your training yet, you can set an easy level for your running or walking session.

Another advantage of motorized treadmills is the fact that they are equipped with monitors that can record your performance. Modern such treadmills can even be connected to smartphones or laptops in order to transfer the recorded data.
Some motorized treadmills are equipped with wide screens that allow the user to watch their favorite show or listen to music while exercising.

Unlike manual treadmills, they allow you to set the incline, so you can imitate the climbing motions. Gyms are usually equipped with motorized treadmills and rarely with manual ones. They offer better control settings and are safer for beginners.

Why should you buy a manual treadmill?

If motorized treadmills are suitable for everyone, things change when it comes to manual devices. They are not powered by electricity. On the contrary, the belt only moves when you use your own body force to move it, by walking or running.

Manual treadmills cannot be set to different difficulty levels, which means that you will not be able to stop the running belt immediately. Also, they don’t incline, have limited monitors and require a good physical shape.

The manual treadmill is a cheaper, lighter alternative for the motorized equipment, but it is only suitable for individuals who are already in a good physical shape. It helps them increase their endurance and build beautifully shaped leg muscles.
Training on such a device is easy if you have good control over your body. You must be prepared to jump on the belt’s sides in case you need to stop.

Runners with almost no experience should avoid manual treadmills, as the risk of injury is higher than in motorized ones.

Giving each treadmill’s advantages and disadvantages, you should choose the one that is most suitable for your needs, budget and physical preparation.

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