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What Causes Puffy eyes and How to Avoid them?

By October 10, 2016 - 9:08am

Puffy eyes don’t give your face a very amusing look, but the good thing is that they go away naturally. But for some people, the recurrence is quite inevitable, either due to the predisposition or some other medical condition. The skin under the eyes is very thin and therefore, it’s very prone to puffiness.

Swollen or puffiness can be caused due to stress, fluid retention, allergies and tons of other factors. It’s important to understand the cause to effectively solve the problem. Crying could also be a reason as the tear glands in the eyelids can get an inflammation from excessive activity.

We can also get puffy eyes from oversleeping. The sodium in the food can also lead to fluid retention. Puffy eyes are also linked with excessive alcohol intake. Other causes include:

• Diet
• Skin disorders like dermatitis
• Normal aging process
• Dysfunction of tear glands
• Nephritic syndrome
• Allergies
• Contact lens
• Conjunctivitis
• Styes
• Blepharitis
• Eye infections

Unless you have some medical condition, you could always try some home remedies or over-the-counter eye creams. To effectively deal with the eye puffiness, this is what you need to do:

To Deal with the Swelling

Your instincts would want you to get rid of the puffy eyes in the first place, and there are numerous homemade hacks for that. Here are some ways to treat your puffy eyes at home.

• Wash your face with some cold water.
• Drink lots of water to flush sodium out of your system.
• Take more minerals and vitamins.
• Keep sodium intake to a minimum; it’s doesn’t only cause swollen eyes, but is also associated with blood pressure and heart diseases.
• Eye creams with vitamin E and aloe can also be used.
• If your puffy eyes are due to some allergies, discontinue using any ointment or eye creams, and consult a doctor ASAP.

We won’t recommend you to use cooled tea bags, cucumber slices or raw potatoes to treat eye puffiness, because these treatments aren’t recommended by eye care professionals. Cucumbers do reduce puffiness but it’s the coldness that does the job. Eye care professionals rather suggest using a cold washcloth on the swollen areas. The reason why they don’t suggest the use cucumber or other food is because it can contain bacteria that could lead to eye infections. Instead, you can use an eye cream to avoid the inconvenience of further allergies or infections.

Deal with the Cause

Once you have identified the root cause, you will be able to take all the necessary steps; however, this involves getting an appointment with your doctor. If puffy eyes are a rarity for you, there are very less chances that you have any medical condition, and in most cases, eye creams and gel masks can work quite effectively.

Persistent puffiness in the eyes isn’t a normality and could be some underlying eye condition. Visit a doctor if you see a recurrence.

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