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A Short Guide for Sleep Training

By February 13, 2020 - 4:48am

Sleep training is something that parents often hear about. Some of them opt for this while others don't. Parents often think that sleep training is something cruel as the name cry it out method describes. Often parents back off as they can't bear the crying of their baby.

Yet sleep training is nothing like that it can be helpful. Parents who want to train their babies need some guidance beforehand. And the internet is full of a lot of information that can often confuse you.

But you can now sit back and relax as we are here to help. In this article, we will share all the relevant facts and a short guide on sleep training.

So you can gather the necessary data and get on board for training your baby. Let's get started without much wait.

Why is it necessary?

As most of us know that sleep training refers to training your baby so he can sleep throughout the night. Once trained, he will know how to soothe himself at night and fall back asleep on his own.

But why would the baby sleep when you want him too? Babies tend to sleep at any time of the day because that's their life. They will eat, sleep, play around and repeat it all.

Yes, it is important for their healthy growth but they can't stay awake in the middle of the night. They need to get into a routine so you can also get some rest.

Also, if they won't get into a routine, they will either skip the feeding time and would wake up overtired. It might seem to be a bit tough as babies would cry a lot. Yet they will get habitual to bedtime and will eventually stay sleep the whole night.

When to start it?

Babies don't have a proper channel to communicate, they cry for everything. Being a parent we understand what they need at a particular time. Of course, they won't tell you that now is the time they are ready to be sleep-trained.

So what is the right time or age to start? According to experts, the ideal age when your baby can adapt to this change is 4-6 months.

Often parents would start after 6 months too. But if the baby is too young, it would only become more challenging. So you need to start it at least when they are 4 months old.

Methods for sleep training

It is common to see parents worrying about sleep training methods. the cry-it-out method especially scare parents. But parents need to cleat this vague perception. Sleep training and cry-it-out are not at all same or even close.

Sleep training is a process with several methods that parents adapt as required. Some of the most common and well-known methods are below listed.

  • Ferber method
  • Chair method
  • Wake and asleep technique
  • No cry method
  • cry-it-out method

How much time does it take?

Sleep training is not something that you can achieve in a day or two. Yes, some babies are calm and learn fast. They adapt to the new changes without giving you any tension.

Whereas some babies are either slow learners or too clingy. The idea of not seeing their parents, don’t settle in the little minds. They would cry a lot, won't do to sleep any sooner.

Sometimes it also happens that after a week or two the baby seems to get settled. But after that, they will show a sudden change and would deny following the routine.

So with all these possibilities and consequences, it can be hard to tell the exact time babies will take. Yet it can take maybe a few weeks or months at the most.


It is your choice that either you want to train your baby or not. And which method you think is better for the baby. Each approach will take different time and so on. But eventually, your baby will get trained and you will be thankful for doing this.


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