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Struggling With Relaxation? This New Meditation Song “Sandwood Bay” Can Help

By June 18, 2022 - 1:40am

Relaxation is putting your body into a relaxed state, where healing and regeneration is addressed by controlling your breathing, resulting into a tranquil mind. In other words, relaxation is the ultimate weapon for a healthy mind.

But relaxing is just so hard to do.

It sounds simple, but sometimes we feel guilty for just trying to relax. Either you feel like you're missing out if you don't constantly check your devices, or you're dreading an upcoming presentation that concerns your career, or just plain anxiety of not doing anything when there are plenty of reasons to do everything. Your mind is just filled with this "what-ifs" scenario and it's stressful.

If you’re having a hard time from blocking all the negative thoughts ruining your peace, then listening to “Sandwood Bay”, Harmonic Breathing’s latest meditation song, may help you relax.

Harmonic Breathing is a Scotland-based nonprofit organization founded by musician Ben Gillett. Its mission is to help you truly relax by combining breathing exercises and music. It utilizes the essence of binaural beats, infrasonic bass, and unique nature-based sounds to guide you to a calm space. The method is highly beneficial for those who struggle to stay relaxed.

Sandwood Bay

Sandwood Bay is a meditation song dedicated to make breathing exercises enjoyable and easy for you. Based on the latest scientific research, this music will encourage you to relax by following the rising and falling tones, while paying attention to your breathing.

Inspiration for this music came from one of the most spectacular beaches located in Scotland, Sandwood Bay. This place is known for its majestic and breath-taking grandeur, offering an impressive view of pinkish sand alongside a skyline-silver lake and wavy sand dunes.

The song makes you pace out your breathing to attain a calm mind. Scientists find that a particular rate of breathing - around six breaths a minute - is very effective at entering a relaxed state. Slow deep breathing can also help to reduce mental health issues such as anxiety, stress, insomnia and therefore increase productivity overall.

Anxiety and Stress Reduction

The way we breathe is very closely linked to how we feel. So with music guided meditation, you can now reduce anxiety by controlling your breathing. Maintain the rhythm of the song in your mind and feel your body unnerve as you follow the notes with your breaths.

For those people who have trouble following an intense breathing pattern, “Sandwood Bay” helps you to relax instantly by using your breathes as a distraction technique for effective anxiety relief.

Insomnia Alleviation

As a sleep inducer, “Sandwood Bay” puts your irrational thoughts into a peaceful sleep. Keep reminding yourself that negative thoughts swirling within your head can be slayed through relaxation.

Let the song assist your optimal breathing – to soothe your underlying worries, permeate tranquility to your surroundings, and cleanse you towards a relaxing slumber. The music shall guide your body through a peaceful sleep.

Relaxation is a necessity for maintaining a balanced work-life because it allows you to devote more time to self-care and productivity. With this meditation song. you will be able to achieve a more active mind, a more active body, improved productivity, and achieve more results while you go about your daily routine.

What’s more; all music tracks created by Harmonic Breathing are free and just perfect for those who desire a frugal inner peace without having to attend expensive classes.

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