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Benefit Offered by Stem Cell Treatment After a Sports Injury

By March 12, 2018 - 11:02am

It’s well known that most athletes have a dream of being champions in the sport they perform. Thus, most also know that it requires vigorous and continual practice to become all they can. At times, this may be very exhausting and strenuous, especially in the preparation of an event as it is believed that with daily training, everyone can achieve their dreams.

However, there are limitations on how much the body can handle. When someone pushes it to the limit, it’s possible that they are at a high risk for sustaining long-lasting damage and serious injuries. This doesn’t matter which kind of sport might be involved, whether it’s something such as dancing, baseball, football, or soccer, there is always a possibility of injuries.

All athletes understand this concept well, therefore, it’s very important to have proper equipment and techniques to train in accordance with. Yet, accidents do happen and when they get injured seriously, there are a variety of different options to consider. One of these are though stem cell treatments and lately, this method has become more popular as it is quite beneficial for athletes.

So, let’s take a closer look at this measure of therapy.

Why stem cell treatment is important for sports injuries

Scientists have found that more than half of injuries related to all sports can be categorized under soft tissue and muscle injuries. Therefore, common injury includes areas that are joint-based, like the wrists, ankles, shoulders, and knees, except for pulled or strained muscles.

Although most conditions may be fixed by physical guided therapy, cases that are severe might need surgical intervention. Unfortunately, procedures included with surgery, whether it’s minimal or severe, would disrupt the life quality for an athlete.

This is due to the need for sufficient time to recover and an increased risk of re-injury and complications. Typically, these methods may include bracing, pain management, and extensive therapy.

It is crucial to professional athletes and their teams who need them for playing and practicing to have as little as possible downtime. Therefore, surgical methods and most therapeutic methods are seen as time constraining.

Nonetheless, it’s possible to avoid surgery and this is due to the development of stem cell treatment. Injuries in sport no longer mean the end of their careers or the season.

However, it’s important to understand how stem cells therapy works and the basics it this. Doctors harvest these cells from your own body and transfer them into the areas that are injured. Once this is done, these cells will promote optimal restoration and rapid healing. In other words, the cells will regenerate or even replace the cells that are damaged, and heal tissues that are injured more quickly.

Benefits offered by stem cell treatments

The main benefit of stem cell treatment for all athletes is surely the potential for avoiding consequential surgeries with long periods of recovery, and pain. Plus, it reduces limitations generally found with playing and movement during the healing process.

Thus, we see that with stem cell treatment it’s possible to nearly obtain relief immediately. The repair abilities offered by such a procedure for injuries will be invaluable for any professional athlete. This won’t only save some time, and money, it could also save careers.

With stem cell treatment it regenerates the cartilage successfully back to its state of health without any surgery. This kind of treatment can furthermore also assist in many different injuries related to sport. These include injuries that would affect an athlete’s musculoskeletal system, like bone fractures, degenerative disease of the disc, arthritis, muscle strain, and tendon inflammation.

Take a look at some of the injuries in a sport that are very commonly treated with stem cell therapy and is done effectively.

Injuries to the muscles

Contusions and muscle strains that are very common among injuries in a sport where the muscle is damaged can be treated with stem cells. This therapy will repair it by creating new tissues for the muscles and is known as regeneration therapy.

Damage to the cartilage

This is when athletes suffer due to an injury to the knee, where the cartilage has absorbed shock inside a joint and has started to deteriorate due to the injury. Stem cell treatment is able to reverse the process of deterioration through restoring the cartilage. Plus, it also protects the cartilage against a number of injuries in the future.


It’s a common injury related to sports that mostly affects tennis players and runners. Usually, it’s caused by frequent or repeated movements, or known as overuse of movements that in time damages the tendon. This is even seen when measures to prevent it has been taken.

Treatment with stem cells will heal these tendons that are damaged by returning their structure and strength. Normally, we see this treatment used for the tendons in hamstrings, bicep, Achilles, and elbows.

Bone injuries

Stress fractures are another injury that is commonly experienced and may generally occur when great strain is placed onto the body’s joints and bones. Therefore, almost every type of sport can hold a risk of leading to stress fractures. However, therapy using stem cells stimulates the blood vessels to grow and encourage bones to naturally repair themselves.

There are various other options to treat sports injuries. Although, with the discovery of stem cell treatment it is said to be by far the best and the quickest way to getting an athlete back on track.

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