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Stretch Marks Can Negatively Affect Women

By November 27, 2017 - 6:47am

Generally, stretch marks represent a type of scarring. It affects nearly 80% of people and can lead to bigger problems in anyone’s life even only as marks on the skin. Except altering a person’s appearance physically, it may also create a psychologically negative impact.
It basically occurs when the tissue that is located underneath your skin’s outer layer expands much faster than the skin. The physical appearance of stretch marks is known to affect a person’s emotions negatively. Consequently, it can have an effect on their lifestyle. It can lead to low self-esteem, stress, and sometimes even make people depressed. People may avoid specific activities that might expose these marks, like swimming or relaxing on a beach.
Some causes of stretch marks
It’s possible for stretch marks to develop in both women and men, not only among women which is a misconception. Regularly these can be found on the buttocks, upper arms, stomach and thighs.
Some causes may include pregnancy, weight gain or loss, and excessive growth of the muscles. Other reasons like corticosteroid treatments or spurts of growth during puberty may also be a cause. Furthermore, it may sometimes be in the genes, thus, naturally occurring stretch marks.
With pregnancy
This fact is normally quite obvious. It affects about eight in ten women that are pregnant and are usually found on their stomachs. However, it’s also possible to develop stretch marks in different areas of the body. This is because, during pregnancy, women are more susceptible to gain weight. This weight gain can lead to stretch marks occurring on the thighs, buttocks and even their breasts.
Generally, it becomes prevalent during advanced stages of pregnancy, when the baby starts to grow. It may also depend on the elasticity of a woman’s skin, affecting the severity of these marks.
Through weight gain
With sudden weight gain. The areas of your skin where you gain the weight will stretch and can lead to stretch marks. This won’t only happen in people that are very over-weight but can also be found in someone that has a perfect and healthy body.
Teenagers in puberty
Teenagers within their puberty years might experience stretch marks due to sudden growth. The majority of people are not aware of this. For most of them, these years are filled with an awkwardness that causes a decrease in self-esteem. Although it’s not a dangerous condition, it may affect most of the teenagers negatively. Especially combined with their hormonal changes and self-consciousness that increases. Thus, stretch marks that occur during this period, can potentially cause depression.
Spurts of growth
Sometimes teenagers might feel alarmed when they discover stretch marks, especially if they have never been overweight at any time during their years growing up. Commonly, this can be explained due to sudden spurts of growth during puberty years. When the body expands or grows faster than what the skin’s elasticity might be able to handle, the appearance of stretch marks becomes visible.
During weight lifting exercises
This includes anyone that does extreme weight lifting exercises and starts to add an extra mass of muscle very quickly. It includes people like dedicated athletes or bodybuilders. They will find themselves developing stretch marks even with a body that is in excellent shape.
In this case, these can’t be identified as problems with weight, like obesity, because the body is in physical top condition. This means that the muscles only grew too quickly for their skin to process. These stretch marks mainly develop on the shoulders, arms, and legs.
Due to hormone problems
Imbalances of hormones are known as the most common reason to develop stretch marks. Due to these imbalances, it may cause tearing of elastin and collagen fibers that cover the skin which is stretched and form the marks. Because it actually starts in the puberty years, it’s very hard to pinpoint any of the top factors which may be the cause.
With history in the family
Frequently, when anyone in the family developed stretch marks, such as Dad, Mom or other family members, you may be at a higher risk of getting it as well. With hereditary cases, it commonly might appear in women during pregnancy, but among men, it can also happen.
People who know there is a history in the family of developing stretch marks should start early prevention. It can be done by using different routines of skincare to try and prevent the condition from happening to them.

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