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Time-saving fitness tips? Really?

By April 20, 2011 - 5:00pm

I saw a great slide show today on EmpowHER titled, "time saving fitness tips." There were some excellent tips in there on how to maximize the short time you have for working out - because, you know - everyone's extremely busy and can barely squeeze in 20/30 minutes for the gym.

Although there were some great tips for staying focused, being prepared for your workout and planning ahead - I got to thinking - should we really be looking for ways to shorten our gym time? Isn't this one facet of our lives (well, family time too) where we should be trying to spend more time - even if it's just meditating in savansana! I get that everyone is extremely busy - myself included barely find time to breathe some days, but gym time is ME time, it helps me reduce stress, clear my head and focus on my body and getting back into shape. Reducing the amount of time I spend at the gym is not something I really want to do. I do, however, want to be efficient, but I value that hour or two break from the "real world" ... 20 minutes, although better than nothing - would just not be enough.

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